Al-Ansaq Advertisement is a local Saudi establishment specializing mainly in the field of designing and printing high quality bilingual Diaries, Agendas, Planners & Organizers.

Al_Ansaq is a fully licensed Saudi National firm specializing in advertising and publishing. It was established in the year 2000 and registered with the Ministry of Commerce under the number 1010229506 dated 17/2/1428 A.H. and it is registered with the Saudi Chamber of Commerce in Riyadh under membership number 177577 dated 17/1/2001. It is also registered with GOSI under number 501878162 dated 1/9/2002.

Al_Ansaq Advertising is equipped with the latest and most sophisticated hardware and software equipments operated by highly professional staff who are well experienced in the field of pre-press and highly qualified in the areas of data entry, layout, design, color correction and prepress works. In addition, the firm has a wide network of support and links with various experts in all sorts of pre-press operations, as well as professional writers, editors and translators. It also has contacts with the best printing houses in Europe, the Far East, and the Arab World.

The firm is administered by Saudis and supervised by Dr. Saad Sowayan who is well versed in publishing and printing and has strong connections with the printing business. Dr.Sowayan, a specialist in Historical, Anthropological and Linguistic Studies is well known for his literary contributions and his participation in various cultural and intellectual debates in the local media and newspapers. A graduate of the University of California in Berkeley, Dr. Sowayan contributed articles to various academic journals and has published widely in English and Arabic. Some of his books have been published by al-Saqi of London, University of California Press and Otto Harrasswitz in Wiesbaden, Germany. Dr. Sowayan is teaching at King Saud University, and, for ten years he was the General Manager of The Circle for Publishing and Documentation where he worked for ten years as general manager, academic supervisor, and Chief Editor of two voluminous projects published by the Circle. The first of these two projects is entitled Traditional Culture of Saudi Arabia. The other projects is entitled King Abd Alaziz Al Saud: His Life an Reign in Foreign Documents. It took ten years to finish these two projects and they both came out of press in the year 2000. The first project documents the various aspects of traditional life in Saudi Arabia and came out in 12 large volumes with pictures and illustrations. The other project, which came out in 20 large volumes, consists of Arabic abstracts of no less than 30,000 British, French and American documents relating to the late King Abd Alaziz and Saudi Arabia during his reign. Tens of specialists and professionals in various fields participated in the execution of the two projects which were carried out according to the highest academic criterion and printed according to the highest international standard. Through supervising and managing these two big projects, Dr. Sowayan has gained invaluable experience in the areas of printing and publishing.

Al_Ansaq specializes in the design and printing of Diaries, Agendas, Planners & Organizers according to the most widely recognized international standards with distinctive, elegant touches. The designs can be adjusted to meet the needs and tastes of the customer and to accommodate whatever additions deemed necessary, including publicity pages, advertisements and logos in water colors. al_Ansaq also specializes in the design and printing of brochures, annual reports, pamphlets, newsletters and magazines. All processes of printing, binding, sewing and packaging are done in accordance with the highest international standards. This is all done with commitment to precision, high quality and prompt delivery. We also specialize in marketing of gift items and advertizing material.

Al_Ansaq measures its success by the contributions it makes towards the successes of its customers and in serving them and helping them achieve the goals thy strive for. It spares no effort to satisfy its clients and it is always willing to give informed advice that would help them make the right choice and turn their publicity material into an artistic, attractive, functional and user-friendly tool which conveys the proper image and correct impression. al_Ansaq is always willing to discuss in depth the various phases and all the processes involved in pre-press and printing to help the customer choose the right design and the right material and cut-down on cost.

Among the clients of al_Ansaq are The Circle of Publishing and Documentation, The Saudi Arabian Mining Company, Riyad Bank, The Arab National Bank, The Saudi American Bank, The Saudi Investment Bank and NADEC.

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