Al_Ansaq diaries are perfect for reminding your customers that you care. A variety of bilingual diaries with a Gregorian calendar and a corresponding Hejira calendar, are available in various sizes and specifications.

We can make designs in accordance with the preference and specifications of our respective clients and add any promotional or advertising material they desire, including the printing of an establishment name or logo as water marks on the diary pages. We guarantee the accuracy of the information, the quality of the product, and prompt delivery. All pre-press operations are done in our location in Riyadh, then the finished designs and layouts are sent as postscript files to Istanbul, Turkey where printing, binding, and packaging are completed according to the highest standards using the latest technology.

We, at al_Ansaq, measure our success by the success of our clients whom we are always happy to help and serve. We do our utmost to please our every customer and help him achieve his promotional and advertising objectives and make the diary which carries the name and logo of his business
establishment a high quality product with elegance, functionality, and ease of use; a product which gives a good impression and a respectable image, and, at the same time, it is user-friendly and convenient in organizing time and appointments. We are always ready to sit down with our client and discuss with him the smallest technical details which would help him to choose the right design and the proper material and to cut down on cost. Our services include packing, shipping, insurance, custom clearance and delivery to all points inside and outside Saudi Arabia. Delivery is guaranteed within 90 days after receiving the order and approval of blue prints.

Once the look you want is developed and final copy approved, it is time for us to take over and time for you to move on to another task, knowing that our experience, efficiency, and accuracy are all at work for you!


Seven points to consider in pricing diaries:
1/ Volume of order.
2/ Number of additional pages of information and advertisement.
3/ Quality of material used for cover.
4/ No. of Printing colors.
5/ Blind embossing.
6/ Gilt edging.
7/ Brass Corners.